NY Suites Booking Procedures



  1.  Contact Viewing Department to schedule an actual visit of the apartment unit.  We allow scheduled viewing Monday to Friday 8a.m to 5p.m.  Please take note of the Unit Number that interests you as each one is priced differently.
  2. Assuming you like the apartment unit, please contact Booking Department.  State the Unit Number that interests you so that we can give the proper price quotation.  If you agree on the price, then we will schedule your interview.
  3. Prepare all Requirements (see below)
  4. Go to the Head Office of NY Lodgings Inc.- Room 303 First United Building (413 Escolta Street Binondo Manila; there is a UCPB and Eastwest Bank in Ground Floor).  Bring all Requirements and Look for Mam Myra.
  5. Once approved, move in



Viewing Department-0955-1003055 / Alfred

Booking Department-0917-8421949 / Myra or 0917-5283616 / Aldo


REQUIREMENTS (Deposit & Documentary):

A.  Deposit Requirements:

-Minimum of 1 year contract (quoted price is premised on a net of Php1k early payment discount; for example, if payment is made on the first 5 days of each monthly cycle; after 5thday, no Php1k discount)

-2 months security deposit

-1 month advance rental

-Php4k security deposit for utilities


SAMPLE COMPUTATION of Security Deposit for Rent and Utilities:

*Assuming Rental Rate is Php7,500

Security Deposit = Php7,500 x 2 months = Php15,000

Security Deposit for Utilities = Php4,000 (non-consummable)

1st Month Rent = Php6,500 (assuming paid at start of month)

TOTAL UPFRONT PAYMENT = 15,000 + 4,000 + 6,500 = Php25,500


B.  Documentary Requirements:

-Bio Data


-Government Issued ID (original plus a xerox copy therof)